Geoengineering, fact or fiction?

People like to claim that geoengineering or it’s pop word “chemtrails” that describes the lines in our skies is bogus because the governments wouldn’t do these things without our knowledge or consent.
Well here is a good piece that brings this question up if they are legally allowed to do it or not without our consent.
Here the US quietly admits this in the paper.
Here the CIA director publicly talks about it.

There is also evidence that shows that this has been going on since the 1940’s.
Operation Popeye in Vietnam

“The Department of Defense has requested our approval to initiate the operational phase of Project Popeye in selected areas (map at clip)2 along the infiltration routes in North Vietnam and southern Laos. The objective of the program is to produce sufficient rainfall along these lines of communication to interdict or at least interfere with truck traffic between North and South Vietnam. Recently improved cloud seeding techniques would be applied on a sustained basis, in a non-publicized effort to induce continued rainfall through the months of the normal dry season.”


Here the newspaper talks about how it can be used and paid for during events such as weddings to get them rain free.
Another newspaper talks about how geoengineering was used during the Olympics in China to control the weather.

Another newspaper talks about how much different countries has invested in geonengineering and to control the weather.

Also been spoken about in an UN session in the context of agriculture and the negative effects it can have.

It’s time to start to research and inform ourselves about what is going on in the skies above us. Here are two introduction videos that I think will shine some light on the topic of geoengineering for the unaware.
Why in the world are they spraying
What in the world are they spraying
If you later on wants to read through official documents about this topic then I would suggest you go to this link.
Here is also a recording from a hearing at Shasta County 3 years back July 15th, 2014 about the topic of geoengineering where different people with different skill sets and backgrounds demands an investigation into this topic and also gives testimonies with evidence.

 No study been made of the health effects of geoengineering which should alarm everyone and here in this “study” it states this.
“there is substantial evidence that a host of adverse human health effects will directly result from climate change, very little has been done to describe the potential human health impacts of this emerging disruptive technology. We have described the potential occupational and public health impacts of inadvertent exposure to potential SRM materials, and have also speculated on the possible health impacts of exposure to barium titanate using knowledge of similar nanomaterials”

Written by John Blaid