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Mark Passio
James Corbett
David Icke
The Richie Allen Show
The Activist post

Mark Passio
  • What On Earth Is Happening #196
    Date: 2016-01-11 Topics: Excuses people make for immoral Order-Followers, Allegiance To Truth And Freedom is higher than allegiance to family, Order-Followers as Cult Members, True Courage, Obama's Executive Orders regarding firearms, Disarming Anti-Authoritarians and Veterans, the Oregon standoff with Militia members at the Mahler Wildlife Refuge, Standing up to Tyranny, How the Oregon Militia members' situation differs from the situat Read more

  • What On Earth Is Happening #195
    Date: 2015-12-28 Topics: Physical Health, the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, Physical condition is critical for physical resistance, Truth-seeking as a sedentary activity, Effort and Persistence, Maintaining Physical Well-Being, Diet and Exercise, Mark's personal routines for physical conditioning, Cardiovascular Health, Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, Yoga, Biking, Wlaking, Firearms, Juicing, Blending, Fermented Foods, Health Supplements, the imp Read more

  • What On Earth Is Happening #194
    Date: 2015-12-21 Guest: Mike Thompson, Lead Guitarist, The Founders Guest Web Site: The FoundersTopics: Modern Music, Rebellion In Music, Origin of The Founders, Anarchy in music, False "Anarchy," Popularity/Fitting In vs. Truth, "Scenesters," Lyrical Messages, The Founders lyrics, Persistence, Courage, Bands Mark and Mike like and respect, Bands that promote rebellion, Bands that put forward a false sense of rebellion. Relate Read more

  • What On Earth Is Happening #193
    Date: 2015-12-14 Topics: Courage as a necessity to end human slavery, Cowardice in modern society, Men's fear of Rebellion, Lack of Rebellion in modern music, Social Engineering, True Patriotism vs. the false "patriots," Cultural Marxism and the lies it spreads about America's Founders, the Love of Comfort, people who let False Love hold them back from doing the Great Work, Mark's anecdote about visions of the American Re Read more

  • What On Earth Is Happening #192
    Date: 2015-12-07 Topics: Mark's hiatus from What On Earth Is Happening, the New WOEIH Podcast, Mark's new Anarchist Hardcore-Punk Band, The Founders, Free Your Mind 4, Mark's FYM4 Presentation, the Unconsciousness of modern human society, the possibility of the need for physical Rebellion against Tyranny, In-Fighting within the so-called "Truth Movement," False Flag events of 2015, the Agenda to disarm Americans, Social E Read more

James Corbett
David Icke
The Richie Allen Show
  • The Richie Allen Show Thursday February 15th 2018
    Wayne Madsen joins me from Florida to discuss yesterdays shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which has left 17 people dead and many injured. Wayne has some interesting questions about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Don't miss him. I'll also have a full news round-up including a report on the worsening quality of life in the Gaza Strip, political paedophiles and more. Please support your sh Read more

  • The Richie Allen Show Tuesday February 13th 2018
    In October 1986, Jeremy Bamber was convicted of the murder of five members of his family, a notorious case which came to be known as the White House Farm Murders. The prosecution argued in court, that Bamber was motivated by greed and that he wanted a large family inheritance for himself. He is currently serving life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Tonight I am joined by Michael O'Brien. Michael is an extraordinary man. He sp Read more

  • The Richie Allen Show Monday February 12th 2018
    I welcome back former CIA counter-intelligence officer Philip Giraldi to the show. We'll be chatting about events in Syria over the weekend. On Saturday, Israeli authorities shot down an alleged Iranian drone that had allegedly entered Israeli airspace from a base in Syria. The alleged incursion was followed by a swift and stunning series of airstrikes ,the largest the Israelis have carried out there since their 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Syr Read more

  • The Richie Allen Show Sunday February 11th 2018
    Richie reviews the newspapers. He takes an in-depth look at claims that UK charity workers have been abusing children in Haiti and elsewhere. Richie links these revelations to Monica Petersen's investigations of The Clinton Foundation. There's a report on how Facebook is collecting data on its users in order to specifically tailor news content to them and much more. Support YOUR show by donating at Read more

  • The Richie Allen Show Thursday February 8th 2018
    The brilliant journalist author and broadcaster Dean henderson joins me. Check out Dean charts the rise to power of the so called billionaire philanthropist George Soros, how he became the lieutenant of the Rothschild's and what Soros plans are for the world in 2018. This is unmissable. Please share widely and support YOUR show by donating at Read more

The Activist Post
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