The Truth Seeker is a site to make it easier for people to find information when it comes to the topics of climate change, false flags, 9/11, vaccinations, world government, banking fraud etc. It also includes some solutions such as the knowledge of natural law, sovereignty, veganism and the meaning of self-ownership. Most of the content posted on this page is NOT written or made by me personally but taken from the various independent journalists in the alternative media space. The only content I’ve written is under the section blog just to clarify things for the reader.

John Blaid

I am just a regular guy who is searching for the truth and that woke up to a totally new reality 2012-2013 where I started to look for answers that could make me understand myself and the world better that ended up in different rabbit holes so to speak. During the past few years I have made several connections internationally and worked with different freedom movements and people and tried to spread awareness and knowledge through social media and various other platforms.

The idea of “The Truth Seeker” was growing in my mind during a long period of time until one day when I had enough of the censorship I thought now it was time to manifest it. My hope is that this platform will provide people with alternative views in various subjects.

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