Clarification regarding Lanka’s control experiments

Seems there is a bit of confusion going around in some circles about what Dr Stefan Lanka did and did not do in his 3 control experiments so here is my attempt to clear things up. The three control experiments of Lanka are linked if people want to verify things for themselves.

1. The first control experiment in regards to CPE was using yeast RNA as a negative control, however, all the other control experiments of his did not. The first control experiment can be found in German on Lanka’s website behind a paywall that me and Northern Tracey have translated into English but that still lack approval for sharing freely on social media but anyone that wants it can just send me a message.

2. The second control experiment used a sample from a healthy human during the assembly of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 genome, he did NOT use yeast RNA which is important to point out. There is no paper about this one, only the talk between Kate Sugak and Lanka where he explains the process. I wish this second one was published anywhere by him but as far as I know, it isn’t.

3. The third control experiment was the paper written by the anonymous mathematician where he performed reference-based assemblies with additional genome sequences such as SARS-CoV, Human immunodeficiency virus, Hepatitis delta virus, Measles virus, Zika virus, Ebola virus, or Marburg virus to study the structural similarity of the present sequence data with the respective sequences. To make it even more clear, he did NOT use yeast RNA for this as I pointed out earlier.

“Structural analysis of sequence data in virology – An elementary approach using SARS-CoV-2 as an example”

“Tables and Figures”

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