Is Science Broken? The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine)

Listen to all episodes of Truthiverse (especially the ones YT takes down!) at http://truthiverse.comThis episode is a deep dive into the crisis of truth and quality control in science and, particularly, the field of medical science. Or should that be “science”? The social and economic ramifications of this crisis are very real and they are unfolding now in devastating ways that affect many millions of us. Truth is too often inconvenient to the vested interests that fund research and buy the advertising slots in mass media. Instead of seeking truth, too many scientists simply seek funding and the furtherance of their career. This barely covers the sickening reality, but don’t just take my word for it though – see what the insiders have to say.

You’ll learn:
* How dissent is stifled and suppressed in science and medicine
* How much fraudulent and fake material gets through the “peer review” process
* How easy it is for hoax papers and fake authors to get published in major journals
* How “experts” stifle progress towards truth
* Why mainstream medicine is so corrupt
* Which part of the 7 level hierarchy of medical evidence has been used to justify global lockdowns and the destruction of the fabric and cohesion of society
* Why many “scientists” are incentivised into using poor methods
* How “peer review” actually serves vested interests by censoring inconvenient truths…
…and MUCH more.

Source: Is Science Broken? The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine)

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