Vaccines and Autism — Dr. Andrew Wakefield Vindicated in Court Trials

Mike Adams talks with former surgeon and British medical researcher Andrew Wakefield about the medical dangers of vaccines. They review the big changes the latest years have brought to the field. Of special note here is that government medical authorities (in both the U.S. and Italy) are no longer daring to fight parents in court over the MMR vaccine/autism relation, and this is a giant step forward. Also, a lot of parents are starting to think twice before allowing their children to be shot up with these toxic witches’ brews.

What we need right now is to develop a big platform of scientists, perhaps led by people like Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Blaylock, to question the radical empiricist methodology of this pseudoscience of “vaccinology”. This is an autistic methodology to use, and, quite ironically, autism is precisely one of the disgraces it brings to the world. This absurd, illiterate, and anti-scientific methodology allows researchers to only study isolated, linear relations between a very limited number of discrete instances, while ignoring any systemic effects and impacts on the total organism. So, any radical empiricist witch brew maker can claim “vaccine X doesn’t cause effects Y or Z” and the measure of validity he/she will present for this is to have made a 2 or 3 week follow-up study on a very limited amount of nitpicked test subjects, where no correlation is registered!; with 90% statistical confidence — stuff like this. Not a single valid study of systemic organic mechanisms and impacts, only senseless, nitpicked, association studies, generally based on mere, non-conclusive, correlations. Under this reign of radical empiricist autism, the only more or less “systemic”, vaguely causal alternative to arise is generally quack medicine, with all sorts of “holistic doctors”, each prescribing his particular brand of Indian prayers, herbs and perfumed smoke, fluids with mushroom and lavender blends — i.e., witch brew part 2.

So, it’s time we have a platform of real scientists (and there are quite a few of these out there) working together to offer some real science on this field.

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