We interview Steve Falconer from Spacebusters about the fraudulent germ theory

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1)Intro: Virology is way past its cell by date by Spacebusters https://www.bitchute.com/video/mUWDjoL0i9xI/

2)Steve Falconer is one of the two men behind the very popular Bitchutechannel Spacebusters. When the Coronafraud hit the world early year 2020 the channel shifted its focus to deal with the fraudulent germ theory on which the whole Coronacircus and big Pharma is based upon. In this interview Steve presents the hard facts and reasons why the 150 year old germ theory is false and how it is even possible that so many people have been fooled for so long.

3)Outro: Spacebusters song: It´s beginning to look a lot like genocide

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