Vaccines, Vivisection and Veganism

END GENOCIDE NOW is a campaign that aims to enlighten people about the mechanisms and manuscripts of tyranny, as well as the remedies for sovereignty. We have invited powerful voices in the freedom movement together in a series of interviews.

This is the sixth episode: Vaccines, vivisection and veganism

In this panel independent researcher John Blaid, plant based nutritionist and naturopath Robyn Chuter, author and speaker Dr. Will Tuttle, and author and researcher Dawn Lester together with the activist and practitioner of ancestral healing arts Henna Maria examine the moral and scientific grounds for informed consent, when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs and especially vaccines. As our panelists are not only human rights and medical freedom advocates but also animal rights activists, we see it paramount to highlight the reality of vivisection and the cruelty in vaccine industry.

This is a call upon all of the freedom fighters to extend your compassion to our animal kin, and for all of the vegans out there to include your two-legged human companions in your advocacy.


Time stamps to the main topics of the dialogue:

01:00 The history of vaccines – have they actually saved millions of lives?

17:20 Is there any scientific legitimacy to vaccines?

47:20 How are vaccines manufactured?

49:40 What is the reality of vivisection – “scientific” research conducted on living animals

55:50 How the animal ingredients used in vaccines are “harvested” from animals while they are still alive

57:30 The two levels of cruelty – ignorance and diabolical evil

01:04:15 How prominent thinkers already spoke about using injections as a mind control method in 1954

01:06:47 How aborted human foetus cell lines are being used more and more in vaccine development

01:08:00 If we accept the commodification of animal life as moral, then why draw the line at humans?

01:12:35 Eating animals is a fundamental wounding

01:14:50 How can vegans be in favour of vaccination?

01:20:50 Can there ever be a safe vaccine?


Resources cited in the panel:

-Resource for true graphs showing the timeline of vaccines and their non-existent effect on the decline of so called infectious diseases: the book Dissolving Illusions – Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History by Dr. Suzanne Humphries
-History of vaccination:

-Journal of environmental research and public health regarding new Polio cases in India:

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-Vaccines are approximately 250 times greater absorption than oral ingestion

-Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study by James Lyons-Weiler and Paul Thomas:

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-Collection of resources:



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