A breakdown of the problems in virology

During this past year and a half where I have spent countless of hours debating and explaining things to people, it has also pushed me into breaking things down so most if not all people can better understand about the false claims in “virology”. This is still work in progress but it may benefit people to read through these to get more clarity about why people like myself state that the field of “virology” lack a scientific foundation and why it is both unscientific and even anti-scientific.

  • The use of cell cultures
    You cannot prove that particle X is responsible for anything in a cell culture unless you have first isolated it directly from a diseased patient BEFORE any experiment AND done the proper controls. The reasons why is because particle X could have come from all other genetic material in the cell culture or it could simply have been created as a result of the experiment and you can’t know it came from the diseased patient unless you have proved that it was there prior to the experiment. The reason for the controls is to account for all variables in the experiment so you know that the effect you see is caused by what you think and not something else. Even if all of this would have been done then one may ask oneself if a cell culture filled with various toxic agents and foreign genetic material where the cells is starved of nutrients is an accurate reflection of the environment in the human body.
  • Unproven assumptions
    “Virologists” always assume the alleged “viruses” are present in the samples that they use for their cell culture experiments without ever proving that the “viruses” are in fact there. One excuse “virologists” use is that there are too few of them to find which is a contradiction since they also claim that “viruses” are the most abundant and diverse biological entities with an alleged number of 10th to the 31st power. If you can’t find them from samples taken directly from diseased patients then you can’t claim to have evidence of their existence and I would also like to point out that claiming that there are too few “viruses” to find is like claiming there are too few unicorns in nature to find. If you can’t find them then you can’t claim they exists either, it is that simple and just pure common sense.
  • A lack of proper controls
    All cell culture experiments done by “virologists” are done without proper controls that account for every variable in the experiment. When proper control experiments have been done then they have shown that the results that “virologists” believe is proof of a “virus” is in fact caused by the use of antibiotics in combination with the starvation of cells. This was proven by 2 independent labs during the measles trials 2011-2017 in Germany and it was proven once again 2021 by Dr Stefan Lanka.
  • A mix of ingredients is not isolation
    “Virologists” define isolation as taking an impure sample from a diseased patient and then putting it into a cell culture with toxic agents and other foreign genetic material where they starve the cells of nutrients. This is obviously not the isolation of anything where the death of the cells can only be assumed, NOT proven, to be caused by a “virus”. This is how “virologists” deceive themselves and confuse the rest of us when we are discussing the isolation of a “virus”.
  • Effect does not prove cause
    If someone is getting ill and even dying then that isn’t evidence of a “virus” just like a destroyed backyard is not evidence of unicorns. In order to prove that the “virus” is the cause then the first step of many would be to find the particle directly from a human being and separate it from everything else(isolation). This step however has never been done for any alleged “virus” and this is something all “virologists” actually agree on.
  • Genomes are not evidence
    Many people assume that the published genomes of alleged “viruses” are evidence of “viruses” but that belief is based on the false assumption that “viruses” have been isolated and separated from everything else where the genomes have been sequenced directly from “viral” structures. In reality all genomes are a result of taking small genetic sequences from a mixture of genetic material where they assume that some of the sequences are “viral” where they stitch them together with the help of computers. That process leaves the new invented genome with a lot of holes and overlaps that are then filled and smoothed out with the help of computers and this process is called alignment. The result of all this is a fully invented genome that do not exist in reality as a whole and that only exist on paper and in computers. I would also like to state that nobody can claim that a “virus” even has genetic material because in order to be able prove that claim they would first have to find it. Last but not least we know that DNA/RNA is not static like a book because of the research of epi-genetics that state that the environment is inducing changes all the time. That means that we do not know how much of the RNA that is put into the cell culture is actually changed because of the change in the environment due to the poisoning and starvation of cells.
  • Photos are not evidence
    All photos of alleged “viruses” are photos taken on cell culture experiments and they can either be cell fragments of dead and dying tissue caused by the cell culture experiment prior to taking the photo or they can be artefacts produced by the procedure of taking a photo with the electron microscope. What is important to understand here is that nobody has isolated any alleged “virus” particle directly from a human, animal or plant which means that the photos of particles of alleged “viruses” that are from cell culture experiments have no relationship to our bodies.
  • A lack of another suspect
    Blaming non-existent “viruses” for various illnesses is even worse than blaming an innocent man of murder despite the lack of evidence just because you lack evidence of another suspect.
  • The misinterpretation of antibodies
    People that undergo an antibody test assume that these proteins offer protection against “viruses” and that a positive result means you are “immune” but that is not accurate. In order for an antibody to exist it would require a body(virus) to attack hence the name antibody. But since the existence of “viruses” has never been proven then the role of these proteins has to be something else. Some research suggest that these proteins also called globulins are being produced by our bodies as a response to toxicity and injury where their purpose is to keep the structure of cells intact and promote wound healing by flattening themselves out and clotting the blood. This also explains why all vaccines past, present and future cannot “work” without toxins because if all toxins would to be removed from the injections then our bodies would not produce these proteins. To put it in another way, these proteins are more like medical personal that are being hired to patch things up in our bodies when we suffer an injury and poisoning rather than being some elite delta force out to kill foreign invaders.
  • The injection fraud
    People that believe in vaccines believe they will provide protection against “viruses” but the problem is that they can’t offer any protection against that which has never been proven to exist. Not only that but the injection of toxins and foreign genetic material can’t promote health and is in fact doing the total opposite. All studies and surveys that have been done between vaccinated vs unvaccinated show that the unvaccinated are a lot healthier compared to the vaccinated.
  • The PCR distraction
    Many people are arguing about the number of cycles of the PCR but that is a distraction from the core issue which is the lack of evidence for the existence of the “virus” and it gives people the false idea that if the number of cycles is low enough that it would make the PCR a valid testing method. Since there is no evidence for the existence of a “virus” then the PCR is completely meaningless and the PCR was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. It is an amplification method of genetic material just like a Xerox is an amplification method of paper but neither the PCR or the Xerox can determine the origin of the genetic material or paper hence making it useless. This also means that all statistics of cases and deaths attributed to the alleged “virus” are completely meaningless and irrelevant.
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